Downloading and Installing

Get the latest version of BLOG from the download page.



You may choose to install the pre-built version for your operating system. You may also running BLOG from the universal package, which doesnot require install.

On linux/Mac, after unzip the universal package, please open terminal and run the following commands.

chmod +x bin/*

Alternatively, you may directly compile from source code. (you will need sbt installed, check download page for more details).

For Linux/Mac:

sbt/sbt compile
sbt/sbt stage

For Windows:

sbt\sbt compile
sbt\sbt stage

Running BLOG

Open your terminal and locate to your BLOG main directory. The BLOG includes a few examples.

On Linux/Mac, the following command will run the Burglary example.

bin/blog example/

If you already installed BLOG, you may try without bin/

blog example/

On Window, the corresponding command is (You may need to properly set your JAVA_HOME and PATH environment variable for Java.)

blog.bat example/

The general command is

blog <filename_of_blog_model>

BLOG system accepts a list of commandline options, such as the number samples used in its underlying sampling engine. The more samples, the more accurate result it can produce. Use the following to run Burglary example with 1 million samples.

blog -n 1000000 example/

The following will run a simple Hidden Markov Model for genetic sequences. It uses particle filtering algorithm to make inference.

dblog example/hmm.dblog

The full list of commandline options are described in BLOG User Manual

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