Getting Started

Installing BLOG and try the first example.

User's Manual

A manual for BLOG system, including setting and tuning all options.

Tutorial on BLOG

A comprehensive tutorial about BLOG motivation, syntax, semantics, and examples.

Interactive Shell and Debugging BLOG models

Using the interactive shell to debug BLOG models.

Trying BLOG from browser

Without installing BLOG system, you may try small BLOG models on our server.

BLOG Language Reference

A reference for BLOG language, including its syntax and semantics.

Probabilistic Modelling Using BLOG (Coming soon)

A tutorial text for modelling using BLOG. It includes introduction to BLOG language, and how to use it to solve real application problems.

Developer's Guide

How to contribute to the BLOG project.

Publications about BLOG

Published research results by UC Berkeley group and others.

Contributors to the BLOG project.


You may subscribe to the Mailing list for BLOG users. If you want to contribute to BLOG, please refer to Developer guide.